Do you provide DVDs?

To keep your cost down you have the opportunity to download all your edits from the day and burn as many DVDs as you like. We can always provide DVD copies but this will be at a charge.

What do you offer?

You will hear many different terms to describes different types of wedding videos. The following is a breakdown of  what we offer our clients.

Breakdown of products offered:
Clean edit:
 These are cleaned footage covering the entire wedding focusing on all the major parts of your day, such as ceremony, cutting of the cake, first dance, speeches etc. they include basic editing, colour correction, audio clean up (as much as reasonably possible).

Feature Film: These are bespoke hand crafted film versions of the clean edits which have been produced to a range of songs, musical scores, colour graded, time remapped for pacing which will also include film credits.

Highlight: A short video which can be viewed as a trailer, hosted on this site for families and friends to share, or post it on your Facebook page and it will play straight off your wall. They include a musical score and basic editing, audio is not explicit.

Teaser: Short video clips shared out to friends and families within a week or two of your wedding. This is designed to spark excitement towards your highlight and feature videos.

So what does the final product look like?

The final product is a beautiful personalised website with several images and videos or a link to download the raw files directly to your computer or laptop, you could even have both depending on your package.

Can we see an example of this personalised wedding site you will create?

Yes of course you can. Simply send a request to view one of our live bespoke wedding pages. Click here to send a request.

Wedding page Example

Is it possible to create a pre wedding page for our guest to RSVP us?

As long as you provide us with some footage and or images then we can easily create your wedding page for your guest. We think it is a fantastic creative way to confirm your RSVP. Click here to discuss any of your ideas

Can we choose certain songs that mean something to us in our wedding film??

When it comes to copyrighted material the answer is an unequivocal “NO!”. You can choose any song you like but you cannot legally choose songs that you do not possess the license for. More can be explained on this link. You should trust my instincts to select the right licensed songs for your film.

I’m worried the song won’t go with our film?

How often do you go to the cinema and think, “that film was good but we hated the music in the background”, you don’t because the music in the film fits the film. That’s because the music enhances the emotion and story of the film it doesn’t make the film. You might not listen to the song on your iPod, but in the film it works and you love it. This is how we create my films; we select the soundtrack that fits your story, that emotion. We want you to watch your film and hear the songs you have never heard before.

How long is the main Feature film?

In order to maintain a high standard throughout, which is emotional and cinematic in nature then anything from 5 – 20 minutes, is the approximate time we believe to be perfect for your cinematic film. If you are after lengthy documentary style coverage then our cinematic films may not be suitable for you.

Can you still provide something a little longer?

We will provide a 45 minute ‘clean edit’, which is a capture of key moments like the ceremony, speeches, personal messages etc. where you will find the audio is cleaned up (as much as possible) and the raw footage is edited down in to a clean version. The clean edit is not a movie and is separate from your feature film.

How long does it take to finish each film?

Each wedding project is different, after the filming on the day, the turnaround time can take up to 3 months depending on how busy we am, which the summer periods are the busiest for weddings. Editing is the most tedious stage and it is where the majority of the work comes in, as each film is bespoke, and personalized around you and your day.

Can we ask for changes to the finished film?

Yes, after I’ve finished the film we upload it online and email you a private link. If you want any changes after viewing it, request a client reedit checklist document, fill it and send it back to me and we can implement those changes.

Will you be marketing our video?

We only take on jobs we believe we can market and promote to future clients on our site.

After your big day we would generally market our work of your day. This does not mean we will put your whole wedding on our site for the world to see but rather we will blog videos and images of the best parts of our hard work.

How long do you film for?

We film from the bride and groom preparations (the time we begin is specified by you), right up until shortly after the first dance, covering everything that happens throughout that time.

What is your style?

Cinematography, which is very different to the standard video man’s point and shoot approach to filming. Our style is cinematic in nature as we try to make our work as film-like as possible. We follow an emotional script, which is dictated naturally by how your wedding unfolds on the day. This natural narrative is based on how you have planned and organised your day. We use a handful of equipment that is small and unobtrusive, allowing us to work quickly and discreetly as possible to capture shots that look natural on the screen.

Can you do a pre wedding day video shoot?

Absolutely yes! We love recording pre wedding footage as it gives a complete different take on the wedding experience.

My wedding is not in the UK; can we still book your services??

Yes, we love to travel and do work overseas as much as possible.

How do you dress to the wedding?

We always dress smart/casual, we can where shirts and blazers throughout the whole wedding but they have proven very restrictive in the past, I’m there to make the best film possible and as I’m very active throughout the wedding, we need to be able to move and think fast with as much freedom as possible, without clothing hindering the camera work.

Do we have to feed you?

You are not obliged to feed us but we always work best on a full stomach and would appreciate some food at the reception.

Are there any additional charges based on the distance you have to travel??

Yes, any travel expenses will have to be paid for, when working in London the price is based on us hiring a Rental Car for the full day of your wedding, allowing enough time for vehicle pick up and drop off from the studio in Kent, if we travel by car outside of London then the cost is 40p per mile from the studio. International work will be the price of a plane ticket and any other travel needed.

We do not want everyone to see our wedding day, can you keep this private?

We only put short versions of your wedding day on your wedding page for you to share with friends and families but we also give you the full versions as a personal downloadable link. What we put on our website is different from the downloadable link as it is only a highlight of the day.

Are there any discounts for weekday weddings or can we negotiate the price??

Nope! Depending on your needs we have a range of packages you can already choose from.

How much does your packages cost and what exactly do we receive??

You may receive one, some or all of the following:
Clean edit
Feature film

Please read the Investment section for more details.

Can we get certain videos locked?

Yes. Depending on your package you can password protect certain videos.

How long do you keep hold of our wedding?

After your work has been published we generally keep it for another 30 days before we delete the whole project.

Can you provide another camera operator to record at another locations on the day?

Of course, most couples are fully aware that they need more coverage and require filming to take place at a secondary location for example; groom location, park, cocktail hour etc. all while still recording the main event, contact us for a quote.