Somali Wedding Packages and Prices 2015

Welcome to the packages page for Somali weddings 2015, for you to be viewing this page means you have seen the quality of the work are interested in the prices. The following is a guideline and the prices can be altered depending on what you want and need.

Package 1: Basic coverage 4 hours, 60 minutes* running time:
Reception Coverage
Online video hosting
45 minutes clean edit
5 minute Feature 
1 camera operator

Package 2: Standard coverage 6 hours, 90 minutes* running time:
Reception Coverage
Online video hosting
45 minutes clean edit
5 minute  Highlight + Teaser video
2 camera operators


Package 3: Premium coverage 8 hours, 120 minutes* running time:
Bride and Groom Prep
Reception Coverage
Personalised web portfolio of wedding videos
Online video hosting Password protection
45 minutes clean edit*
10 minute Feature film + Teaser video
2 camera operators


*Each package running time is an approximation of total video length which can be made up of trailer(s), highlight(s), feature(s) and clean edits unless otherwise stated by client.

All  packages includes:
Online hosting
Downloadable video to keep and distribute to friends and families at your leisure
Clean edits of the ceremony which is approximately 45 minutes to include coverage of church service, reception and speeches.

If needing alternative deliverables i.e. DVD, Blu-Ray, USB etc. email for a quote. 

Breakdown of key terms
Clean edits:
 These are cleaned footage with basic editing, colour correction, audio clean up (as much as reasonably possible).
Features: These are bespoke hand crafted film versions of the clean edits which have been produced to a range of musical scores, colour graded, time remapped for pacing.
Highlights: A short video which can be viewed as a trailers, hosted on this site for families and friends to share. They include a musical score and basic editing, audio is not explicit.
Teasers: Short video clips shared out to friends and families within a week or two of your wedding. This is designed to spark excitement towards your highlight and feature videos.

All features and highlights will be hosted and marketed on Ayo Akinsola Films website for the benefit and promotion of the business